Twins and More

I am a proud mother of identical twin boys named Hamish and Noah and a specialist multiple birth consultant midwife for the Twins Trust (formally know as TAMBA ), The leading multiple birth UK charity. I have been providing support for families expecting multiples and throughout the early years since 2006. I absolutely love my work with all these families.

I have worked with the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) setting the Quality Standards for Multiple Pregnancy (2013) and more recently I have updated NICE twin and triplet Guideline in 2019.

I have written The Twins Trust; Pregnancy Countdown to ensure families are supported and enable to make an informed choice about their pregnancy and care. This is available for all Twin Trust families.

I am confident that my work and experience with multiples and The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme will both empower you and your birthing partner to have a positive, pregnancy and birth, that is right for you and your babies on the day. In addition to the 10 MP3 and the handbook, all multiple parents are provided with additional information to support them.

Please visit for more information and specific support for multiples and a 10% discount for Wise Hippo Sussex clients.